'The important thing is to never stop questioning...'

Science matters in the real world and children should be aware of how it affects their daily lives. As a subject, science is continually developing with new ideas, discoveries and technological advances. Children should be inspired by these developments and also be able to access them confidently. Furthermore, we want children to engage with our local community and experience science in action. This could be by visiting Burscough train station to develop their understanding of electricity or a trip to the park to explore pushes and pulls. Real life experiences are key to making learning memorable and meaningful. During their time at BVPS, we want all children to be excited by science and its endless possibilities. They should understand that there is not one stereotypical ‘scientist’ and that anyone can pursue a career in the many varied fields of science. We will have laid strong foundations, in every year group, for them to continue their lifelong journey with science.

Following consultation with staff and children, we have developed 5 key science principles:

Go Outside; Go Practical; Go Enquire; Go Investigate; Go Learn.

These are at the heart of our science lessons and make them enjoyable and accessible to all children. Throughout the school, staff use the PLAN resources to aid planning and assessment. These documents ensure that full coverage of the national curriculum is taught and clear progression is made. Also, they include both knowledge and working scientifically skills that are appropriate and challenging for each year group. Within our plans, previous learning is identified so that children have the opportunity to revisit key learning. They will also make links to future learning and careers within science. Key scientific vocabulary is identified, applied and displayed on science working walls in classrooms. Planning should be personalised, were possible, to take account of the children’s questions and interests. Science is taught weekly as a separate subject but every effort is made to put science learning into real life situations linking with the whole curriculum. Alongside the numerous scientific resources within school, we also encourage the children to access the natural resources which can be found outdoors. We have a pond, woodland area, outdoor classroom, sensory garden and an allotment, which are perfect for supporting science teaching. We welcome enrichment opportunities from parents, or members of our local community, with either a scientific background or skills which would complement a particular unit. The children can also attend science club where they can earn their CREST Award. This is the British Science Association's scheme for STEM project work that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers.

Science Progression and Long-Term Plan Documents

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