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Year 2 - Mrs Charlton

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Spelling, punctuation and grammar. - commands and magic spells drama!

We're going on a thing hunt (What nouns shall we find?)

In computing we gave and followed instructions to make our favourite animal using multilink!

Maths using real things in the outdoors is lots of fun!

We have been choosing autumn leaves and describing them using adjectives

We have been exploring our school grounds and finding 'things'! These things live in our pond!

We are learning about verbs! See how the autumn leaves move!

We have shown our mums and dads how we use numicon in our maths lessons!

We have shown our mums and dads how important it is to move when we recite our number patterns!

We are using our observational skills to identify leaves on trees in our school environment!

Observational drawings of autumn leaves as they change to collect adjectives for our poem. ( Science, Art & English )

We have printed using leaves to make an autumn tree, added real uatumn leaves and collected adjectives to write an autumn leaf poem!

We noticed how many legs mini beasts had and made masks for our Halloween party!