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Understanding the World: People and Communities- Celebrations, Festivals, Special Events, "Showing interest in different ways of life, cultures and traditions"

Diwali-'The Festival of Light'

Creating firework pictures with leylandii leaves
Mixing materials-flour, water & salt.
Helping to make Diva Lamps
Squishing, squashing, rolling and patting
Measuring and mixing
Using lines and shapes to create a Rangoli pattern
Listening to sounds- pop? Fizz? Or bang!?
Story time- Prince Rama, Princess Sita and Ravana
Hindu symbols and artefacts
The Golden Deer and The Monkey King
 The Goddess of Wealth

Christmas fun

Chinese New Year: Year of the sheep.

Katy and Jamie wearing traditional Chinese tunics.
Tia & Eliza leading the dragon dance.
Natasha & Sophia following the music!
Our dragon girls!
Ember & Emily using the chopsticks!
Emily & George enjoying noodles, rice & crackers.

Comic Relief- make your face funny for money!

Ember helping to sort the money
Lucie and Amy counting the donations!
Pull a face!
Say cheese!
Wiggle your nose!

Easter activities: Handling baby chicks, making Easter cards and enjoying an Easter Bonnet Parade.

Egg and spoon race over obstacles
Using tools and materials to create effects
Beautiful Bonnets!
The winners!
The Entertainment...
And his clever assistants Evie & Natasha