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Resources The Children Use In School

Tens Frame

Children need to be able to quickly recognise numbers of objects.

Developing a strong visual awareness of number will help develop your child’s number sense. Practice this by placing objects in a ten-frame.

It also helps with number bonds (pairs of numbers).

Part Part Whole Diagram

Does your child understand that each digit in a number represents something different due to its position (i.e. in 16, the 1 represents 1 ten and the 6 represents 6 ones.)?

Practising part part whole models helps children partition (split up) numbers and helps them understand place value.

Bar Model

The bar model is an excellent visual way to help solve number problems using different sized rectangles to represent numbers. 

Bar models don’t give you an answer – they give you an understanding of what to do in order to get to the answer.

Place Value Chart

Understanding place value is knowing what the value of each digit in a number is.

Place value charts are a really good way of helping your child feel confident with this.


By moving a digit one place to the left its value becomes 10 times larger and moving it one place to the right means 10 times smaller.

Number Lines

A number line is a valuable learning tool.

Use it with your child to quickly find a number on the line, to compare numbers, using the mathematical language of greater than and less than,  and the accompanying symbols, > and <, and practice ordering numbers.


You may find that your child struggles to count on to add or subtract/take away.

Use a number line to support your children’s understanding.

Count up and down by splitting the number up (partitioning) into easier chunks.

100 square

Creating or printing a 100 number square for children to use at home is an excellent way to support your child’s understanding of a range of mental calculations.

They can also find patterns of our number system.

Use a number square to answer addition and subtraction calculations.