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At BVPS we are focusing on raising the standards of reading for all children so that when they leave primary school, they have the key to unlock many doors. It’s undeniable that a child’s reading skills are

important to their success in school, work, and life in general. We want to give the children the opportunity to develop their reading skills, experience different reading opportunities and cultivate a

lifelong love for reading.   


With this in mind, this year’s PTFA fundraising activities will support this, starting with the Santa Dash.  In recent pupil interviews the older children have expressed that they would love more areas to read

outside whilst on break, lunchtime or when they need the quiet space to relax. We are looking to develop the land between the playground gate and the nursery to include four large reading pods – if you have visited Burscough Wharf recently, these will be similar to the ones that can be found there. This will give the children dedicated covered areas for reading and many other activities.  


Time in nature is calming, the ability to focus and pay attention is

increased and natural light is beneficial for children's eyesight. All of this lays the foundations of healthy child development that is needed for learning to read. The opportunity to listen to books outside can be just as enjoyable as indoors. 


We would also love to update our home reading and library books for the children. The children are unique in their reading likes and dislikes which was evident from the recent pupil interviews. We, therefore, would like to invest in more non-fiction fact books, magazines and older junior reading books.  


We hope that you will support the ongoing PTFA activities and agree that this is an exciting time to develop reading across school.  


We would love you to get involved. We need some parent helpers on the day as the PTFA are limited in numbers, if you can spare some time on Thursday 16th December, please speak to us.