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Outdoor play

Picture 1 Mark making with water and brushes
Picture 2 Tracing over and wiping off letters and numbers
Picture 3 Pushing, peddling and steering
Picture 4 Den making and team work
Picture 5 Filling and transporting
Picture 6 Friendship building
Picture 7 Aiming and throwing
Picture 8 Small world and materials
Picture 9 Observing nature and changes
Picture 10 Imaginative active play
Picture 11 Movement and play
Picture 12 Exploring nature
Picture 13 Physical play
Picture 14 Friendship building
Picture 15 Racing
Picture 16 Following directions
Picture 17 Imaginative play
Picture 18 Water play materials
Picture 19 Pouring and measuring
Picture 20 Spooky soup with textures
Picture 21 Ghost train with soil and wind
Picture 22 Exploring texture
Picture 23 Mixing materials
Picture 24 Running and chasing
Picture 25 Large scale drawing
Picture 26 Mark making
Picture 27 Sound & Music
Picture 28 Nature Patterns
Picture 29 Building and construction
Picture 30 Creating and thinking critically
Picture 31 Fun in the wind!
Picture 32 Using pegs to attach materials
Picture 33 Using tools to collect, rake, scrape, brush