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The Aims of Burscough Village Primary School


  • We will treat all children equally and get to know them well.
  • We will emphasise the positive achievements of children in school and in their outside activities.
  • We will have an expectation that every child has its own knowledge skills and talents, which we need to develop.
  • We will encourage self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-discipline in our children so that they may become responsible and responsive members of society.
  • We will aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that takes account of the changing world, not only through the traditional avenues of Literacy and numeracy but also by placing an emphasis on the National Curriculum Core and Foundation subjects, cross-curricular elements and Religious Education.
  • We will aim to create a stimulating learning environment that focuses on individual needs and ability levels, setting challenging yet realistic goals.
  • We will help children to develop personal and social moral values, and to hold respect for all religious values of all races, and ways of life.
  • We will help children to develop their agility and coordination through a wide range of physical activities, and to develop a positive attitude to health and fitness.
  • We will develop a close partnership with parents and provide opportunities for parents to discuss their children’s progress in achieving our school’s aims. We will positively encourage parents to play an active role in school and their child’s education.
  • We will create a safe bright attractive and welcoming environment for all children.
  • We will offer both pupils and colleagues an enjoyable, positive and caring environment in which to work, fostering the good health, happiness and physical well being of all within our school community.
  • We will strive to listen to each other and offer mutual support and continue to develop harmonious relationships within the school family.
  • We will continue to be a welcoming and warm team –proud ambassadors of Burscough Village Primary School.
  • We will be positive in our thoughts, words and actions.