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Friday Fun Family Quiz!

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the first Burscough Village Primary School online quiz with Dave (and Tobi) from the Quizinators. We hope you all had a great time.


The winners were Team Batman! We will organise some prizes when everyone returns to school.

We have uploaded the showreel from the quiz onto the video resource centre


A note from Dave - The Quizinator

First of all, a big congratulation to ’The Batmans’ only one point off full marks. But, a BIG well done to all teams playing, everybody achieved well over half marks, you should all be proud of yourselves.

We also want to thank you for being such a brilliant audience. On a personal note, one thing I discovered when marking the form is you listen and follow instructions a LOT better than the adults do! Not a single answer was put in the wrong box!

Please remember that by entering the quiz you agreed these are the answers accepted, but whilst marking each and every answer is considered carefully and given the point on an individual basis if also correct. (We are quite generous.) There are also a few half points for teams that were almost there with the answer we were looking for, ultimately, please don’t take it too seriously, it’s all about the family fun!