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Mathematics Intent


In our creative and engaging mathematics curriculum at BVPS, we intend for our children to all hold a positive attitude towards the subject. We aspire for all the children to achieve success and make progress, reaching their individual potential regardless of ability, background or need. All of this will be done by ensuring children have good number sense from an early age; are confident in the skills from the national curriculum of being fluent, able to reason and solve problems and also have rapid recall of facts. This will support them to be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned across the curriculum and to everyday life, creating purposeful learning.


All classes take part in a fun, interactive, daily multiplication session!  It is separate to the daily maths lesson and is an opportunity for children to rehearse and strengthen their knowledge of table facts through song, chants, quick fire activities and actions!


Children also have access to TTROCKSTARS.COM where they are encouraged to rehearse multiplication and division facts (whilst learning to be a rock star) at home and at school.  We also have NUMBOTS online number programme for our younger children to log into and gain confidence with number sense.


With inspirational teachers who make maths learning fun, children can follow their interest with work that is pitched accurately and experience success and happiness.  Children are supported with practical apparatus, models and images.  The curriculum is progressively mapped so learning is progressive and builds on prior learning.  The use of mental and oral starters and plenaries help to rehearse and recap key learning skills.  Intervention is in place to support groups of learners to reach their potential – those not on track and also those more able children who need to be challenged.  Early identification of barriers to learning are addressed with external agencies so that when children enter a maths lesson, they are ready to learn. 

Growth Mindset 

Having a positive attitude in maths is key to being numerate – having the confidence and competence to use numbers and think mathematically in everyday life.  BVPS puts value in mathematics and demonstrates the benefits of it.  The growth mindset in mathematics is about knowing that anyone can develop mathematical skills.  We also promote the idea that mathematical learning takes effort.  Mathematicians at BVPS do not give up easily and are motivated to try hard and keep going when faced with mathematical challenges.  They recognise that if they fail, they bounce back and try a different strategy or approach that they have been taught.  Children in maths lessons believe in themselves, they are self-motivated and are independent in thought and can choose their own information to work with.  Practical resources and process success criteria enables children to work independently. 

Pupil Voice  

Curiosity in mathematics is about asking stimulating questions and creating excitement.   Questions are open ended, have a variety of solutions or can be solved in different ways.  Teachers model this curious behaviour and use questions and prompts to give children a thirst – creating a conjecturing atmosphere.  Children have opportunity to follow their own line of questioning.  The model of child-led curriculum is being extended throughout the school.  As part of the monitoring schedule, pupil interviews give staff insight to areas of strength and areas to develop that are responded to.  Weekly ‘Mathematician’ awards are given out in our Friday Award Assembly and recognition given to those achieving well on TRRS. 


Children share ideas and clarify understanding when they communicate in mathematics.   The intent is to give children the skill and experience to communicate with precision.  They will do this through ‘Talk for Maths’, listening to others in reasoning activities and teamwork, writing when explaining or reasoning, use of calculations, reading, interpreting information and representing visually with pictures, graphs, diagrams or tables.  Children can discuss and work in partners, groups and as a whole class.  It improves their critical thinking, problem solving, ability to express themselves and supports them to learn in an interactive way.   

We make links with our locality E.g. Secondary school for MoneyMatters session, Tesco for real life shopping and bring visitors in to enhance children’s learning e.g. Natwest bank.  Weekly ‘Pick N Mix’ homework includes Times Tables Rock Stars and Numbots online learning to extend the learning to the home. 

Parents and carers are invited in to our termly ‘Come Learn with Me’ sessions where they celebrate children’s work and also experience learning as a child does to find out how we teach maths at BVPS.  


We want children to adopt other children’s perspective when ‘Talk for Maths’, working as a team to reason and problem solve.  Also, to emotionally empathise and give the correct response if another child is frustrated or confused with a mathematical task.  We diversify our children’s thinking by introducing them to mathematicians who do not fit the typical stereotype.   


Maths is connected and integral to real life at BVPS and it is our intent that children see it as such.  The mathematics curriculum covers money, measure, time, shape and space, data, statistics and is cross curricular – highlighting that mathematics is everywhere!  Class teachers use our school ground to see real life examples of shape, shape and measure.