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Mathematics at Burscough Village

Cakes and Calculations!


We have hosted a Cakes and Calculations afternoon where the children taught mums, dads, grandmas, grandads and family members how we do written calculations in school.  It was such a fun afternoon, we all learned so much and we enjoyed eating the cakes too!


Here are the booklets families took home.  They show you how we work out our addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions.

Reception Booklet

Year 1 Booklet

Year 2 Booklet

Year 3 Booklet

Year 4 Booklet

Year 5 Booklet

Year 6 Booklet

Here is our mental calculations policy for addition and subtraction.....


Recently, we have invested in a range of resources to support the children’s learning and development of conceptual understanding in mathematics. The main resource we have purchased is Numicon.


Numicon is a range of multi-sensory maths resources using imagery, models and signs to raise mathematical achievement.


These resources help children to develop fluency by using a visual, practical base to develop conceptual understanding and fluent recall.


Furthermore, it helps children to reason mathematically through the use of concrete objects and spoken language to explain and justify.


It will also help children to develop into confident problem solvers since it provides them with visual a stimulus to support their reasoning communication.


Finally, Numicon can help us make confident and competent mathematicians, as well as making learning fun and interactive.


Below are a range of activity cards that you can use with your children at home and get a flavour of the work we have been doing in classes.


Please speak to your class teacher or come and see Mrs Crowder if you have any questions about how to use this at home. 


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Crowder

Numicon Parent Workshop

Numicon Parent Booklet





How to Help Your Child with Maths at Home

This booklet was given out at our latest parents evening for you to support your child with maths in the home.

We hope you find it useful!






Glossary of Terms - this does cover KS1-KS3 (secondary school) but is a useful document to explain mathematical vocabulary.

Maths Vocabulary Book – lists the mathematical vocabulary children will be learning in each year group.

A Guide to Mathematics at Home – this booklet describes the methods of calculation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
for you and your children.  It explains how you can help your child with maths at home.

Maths ‘Out and About’ Fun Postcards - ideas for using maths at home or in everyday situations.  Especially for KS1 infant children.

Specifically Year 5 and Year 6 Activities - for you to complete with children at home to help with transition from year 5 maths work to year 6 maths work.

Maths Trails – why not use some of these ideas whilst walking around Ormskirk,Southport or Burscough with your child?!  From Reception to Year 6!!

Please do come and see me or your class teacher if you would like any further resources or support in any way.


Mrs Crowder