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The infants are celebrating the performance of Aladdin in the Juniors by having our very own Aladdin Fairy Tale Day!

We have been learning about old holidays and then we used the role play area to act them out!

Where the Wild Things Are! We went into our forest area and have collected items to create our very own Year 1 wild thing!

Burscough's Got Talent!!

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Let's Get Cooking!!!!!! We have been lucky enough to follow the recipes and make our very own fajitas, Mexican punch and salsa!! Yum yum!!

As part of our Mexican topic, we have been eating a Mexican feast!

Mr Hughes brought his owls in today. We all got to hold an owl and we noticed how they were different to our chicks.

We are soooooo excited! We are doing a CHICK-tastic countdown until our chicks arrive!

Day 1 Isobel wrote, "Devon's Mum brought in 20 eggs. Some of the eggs have already pipped. We have to put them into an incubator because there was not a hen to keep them warm. They have numbers on them so I know which is which. I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

Day 2 Pippa wrote, "When I came into classroom there were 3 chicks in the incubator. When I looked at them the cracked eggshells were very dirty but now the chicks need food and water so Mrs Coyle moved the chicks into the brooder. I can hear them cheeping because they are hungry!"

Faith's drawing of our 3 chicks!

Day 3 Raine and Leon wrote, "Today 3 more eggs have hatched. They are wet. The 3 other chicks in the brooder are bigger than yesterday. The brown chick came from a spotty egg. The chick with hairy legs is called a Silky."


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Day 4 Faith said, "At school i saw that there was one chick that couldn't stand up in the incubator because it is tired. There are 12 chicks in the brooder and they have got taller and their legs have got bigger and taller! There are 13 chicks altogether!"

Day 5. We came into the class and another egg has hatched and it's a brown chick. We have learned that the yellow chick who couldn't walk can have its legs put together with string so i will walk soon! All the children in the class held the chicks. They were warm and soft. Hannah said she could feel a vibration from the chick. We are sad to see them go tonight.

We have made our very own Navajo chicks made from clay, feathers, matchsticks and straw!

Celebrating the Queen and her birthday!

We are all Junior Chefs!!!!

We have spent a lovely afternoon planting our 'welly plants' with Mrs Sadgrove!

Commotion in the Ocean!! We felt sea creatures to create our very own adjective word bank!!

We have been studying William Morris and have used repeated patterns to make our own wallpaper.

We wrote letters and have learned our own addresses. We then posted our letters home.......I wonder who will get their letter first??

Our very own Hansel and Gretel film!

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We went on a walk around Burscough to see what we could find. Then we went back to class and made our very own maps!

Healthy Food! We have researched, designed, made and gobbled up our own healthy lunches!

We visited Tescos to find out where our food comes from!