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A challenge! How many different ways can you make this cotton wool ball move?

We read George's Marvellous Medicine and designed a litre of our own!

Dr Do! Performing operations on numbers!

We need a magic wand to perform magic tricks! We used willow and potato peelers!

Performance poetry. Come and see the shape I'm in!

We are super scientists - we observe carefully! Look what is inside this bulb!

A challenge! Can you get this bulb to light up?

Aliens landed on the school field and stole our underpants! To get them back we had to work out the aliens' ages by adding 10's and 1's!

My Magical World and Me! We were wondering and so paid a visit to St. John's to ask questions about how the world (and we) were created!

Huff and puff keeps us fit and helps us count in 10's

We wrote instructions to help our friends in Year 1 make magician's hats!

Aliens have landed in their space crafts! How many came?

Telling traditional stories around the fire!

Science at the park - pushes and pulls!

A push and pull hunt around the school!

Pop it in the pot make a marvellous medicine - our magic cauldrons!!

Mental and oral IPAD maths!!!

Help a friend feel better with a hug!

We have asked lots of questions about our Giant African Land Snail

We can make number sentences balance!

A visit fro Caden's daddy and his wonderful owls!

We have been sorting mini-beasts that were once alive in many different ways!!

Acting out owl food chains!

How do you know you are alive?

Can you play snooze and lose?

We like to read our stories to a real audience - year 6 buddies!

What are muscles miss?

Our Little Red Riding Hood Puppet Show performed for Year 6!

Sewing our real puppets!