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Nativity time!

Today was our final nativity performance alongside reception and Year 2! A massive well done to all the children involved, you were great! 

All about weight!

Today in maths we learnt all about weight! 

We noticed that even though an object may be big it doesn't necessarily mean it weighs more than something smaller...We used our balancing scales to compare objects with one another, have a look at the pictures of our experiment above! 

The Enormous Turnip!

Today we had a VERY exciting day...

During assembly this morning all of the teachers re-enacted the story "The Enormous Turnip" and afterwards we retold the story in our own words!

The mysterious package...

Today we investigated where a mysterious package that arrived in our classroom came from and what might be inside - we recorded our ideas on paper and built the planet/building it came from! We had some fantastic ideas including Mars, Pirate coins and even Dinosaur eggs!