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On Wednesday afternoons we have been lucky enough to have started Yoga sessions! They are already a firm favourite with the children, and are a wonderful way to develop gross motor skills.

More Art Week messy painting! We have been drip painting in the style of Jackson Pollock today, using lots of different tools to drip the paint onto our paper.

As part of our Art Week we have been creating wonderful clay creatures. We showed lovely attention to detail and it was a great opportunity to develop our fine motor skills!

The brilliant bunting that we created last week as part of our whole school royal wedding celebrations. Every class had the chance to mark make and decorate in different ways, and Mrs Gourley and the Year Six class set the bunting up so that it stretched across the whole field!

Dressed to impress in red, white and blue as part of our royal wedding celebrations!

This week we have had a special delivery of five caterpillars! We have enjoyed observing them, reading caterpillar stories and singing songs while learning about the butterfly life cycle.

This afternoon we shaped our proven dough into loaves and baked them. Success! We enjoyed tasty bread with butter and jam for our snack this afternoon.

Baking bread! We used the recipe from our Little Red Hen book to create a dough. We have now put the dough to prove, and will bake it this afternoon. Lots of opportunities to texplore texture and talk about why things happen and how they work.

We are learning to hold our chicks very gently. We love getting to touch their fluffy bodies and see where their feathers have started to grow on their wings

We now have 5 chicks in Nursery! We are absolutely loving having them with us. Today we have observed them outside of their broader box, and have even had the chance to touch them very gently.

This morning we arrived at Nursery to find that three of our chicks have hatched! It is so exciting to watch them as they begin to move around the incubator and make cheeping noises. We have been counting them, drawing and painting pictures, talking about what we can see happening to our eggs and chicks, as well as predicting what might happen next.

This morning we have spotted one of our eggs moving!

We have had an exciting delivery in Nursery this morning. An incubator full of eggs! The children were very excited and there was lots of discussion about what could be inside. Most of us have guessed that some chicks will hatch out. We will wait and see...

Observational drawings of our frogspawn and tadpoles!

This morning we have been to the pond to find frogspawn! We used nets to dip for the frogspawn and pond weeds, examining what we found. We even found some tadpoles already. Can't wait to see our frogspawn and tadpoles grow and change!

We received an exciting letter from the Easter Bunny this week, telling us that there were Easter eggs hidden for us to find! This led to a wonderful egg hunt, and lots of fun was had by all.

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns! After our beautiful singing in church this morning, we treated ourselves to some hot cross buns for our snack.

Hopscotch fun, counting and number recognition included!

Super mark making and name writing from these boys this morning!

Thank you to all of the adults for visiting us for Cakes and Calculations today, we had lots of number, shape, space and measure fun!

Super problem solving! Why is some water trickling out of our eggs? What can we do to stop it happening? Good teamwork, children.

We are so pleased to see the grass we planted in our tyres beginning to grow! We thought the snow and frost had stopped it from growing, but we were wrong. We knew that the seeds needed rain and sunshine to grow.

The rain can't stop us playing and learning outside! Building and riding motorbikes, splashing in muddy puddles, getting busy in the mud kitchen!

World Book Day! Lovely to see everyone dressing up as book characters and enjoying the parade in the hall with the rest of the school. Well done to our two costume competition winners!

We painted in the snow using water coloured with food dye. Fun and seasonal mark making! It also gave us opportunity to experiment with colours and colour mixing.

We love hoop play, and it’s great for our physical development too!

Great team work and problem solving used by these children to transport their building bricks and use them in different locations!

Phonics time! We chose an animal from the Chinese Zodiac and used instruments that sounded like that animal, deciding together which sounded the most like them by making their noise with our voices and then listening to the instrument.

Chinese New Year maths! We investigated the money envelopes and counted out how many coins were inside, then showed the same amount on our fingers. We enjoyed using the real coins!

Chinese New Year fun! Learning about different communities and ways of life contributes towards the Understanding the World area of the Early Yeara curriculum.

Tasting different foods for Chinese New Year!

Snow! We talked about where the snow came from and compared it to the hail we had recently as well as rain. We loved investigating the cold. melting it in our hands, and making different marks with our hands and tools.

Hoop play! Extending our fine and gross motor skills by rolling, throwing and twirling the hoops in different ways.

The jelly has set! We loved making messy marks, talking about the texture and smelling the orange scent! We investigated the numbers and letters that we saw in the jelly, some of us recognising numbers from our age and letters from our name. What a mess!

Investigating smells and textures this morning by making jelly! We separated the sticky cubes using our hands and watched them dissolve in the hot water. We knew the jelly had to go in the fridge to become cold and set. Can't wait for some messy play and mark making when the jelly is done!

We love helping out to look after our Nursery! We make friends with all the adults who come to see us.

Becoming independent in making our own snack! We were careful to spread just a little butter onto our crackers, concentrating hard!

Today in phonics we have been using the mirrors to play with making faces and copying different mouth movements. We looked at how our lips and tongues move when we make different sounds and made up our own funny faces to pull!

Animal sounds bingo! This game was so much fun and is part of our Phase One Letters and Sounds phonics.

Our babies have been enjoying a good bath in Nursery this morning! The children are very interested in babies at the moment as there are some new baby siblings and cousins in their families!

After some children spotted bird droppings in the outside area and decided we could help out the birds in the cold winter weather by making bird food! We mixed together seeds, raisins and lard with our hands before squashing it into pots and choosing places to hang them. A sticky sensory experience which supports our physical development as well as understanding the world!

We investigated the growing bulbs in our Nursery garden, then planted and watered our own grass seeds in our small world tyres. We're looking forward to seeing them grow!

Some of the children decided that Mrs Haresceugh needed to be in prison! Lots of role play, teamwork and construction fun for our little police officers.

Moving our bodies in different ways to develop gross motor skills. We stretched our bodies as tall as possible and as long as possible. We also crouched down to be as short as possible and curled up to be as small as possible. Lots of fun was had!

Sharing our space story 'Whatever Next!' We loved Mrs Byrne dressing up in her space helmet and space boots just like Baby Bear in the story.

Some of us have been working hard to copy letters from our names. We are working so hard! Afterwards, a trip to the photocopier is needed so that we can show off our lovely work.

Here we are practising our 'skywriting' - drawing curvy, zigzag and spiral patterns in the air, on palms and on backs. A great physical development activity for emergent writing!

Suited and booted, working hard in the mud kitchen!

We love spending time at our forest school area in the woods.

Here we are enjoying learning in our different Nursery areas!

Some of the friends we have made in Nursery so far!