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We have researched, designed, made and evaluated our moon buggies for Neil Armstrong.

Book Day 2018

We had such an amazing time at Chester Zoo today!

Great Fire of London! We acted out the GFOL by finally burning our houses on the map of London. We learned about how materials change in science and we saw what happened when we burn things.

Burscough Methodist Church kindly invited Year 2 to go to 'Meet the Characters of the Nativity'. We went to visit all the different people from the nativity story and heard their version of the night Jesus was born.

We found out that the wood and straw in the buildings of the Great Fire of London made the fire spread. We asked, "what other things burn well?" We also wanted to find out what materials don't burn very well.

As part of our fire topic and english work this week, we have been following instructions to make a Christingle. We have noticed the verbs as part of our grammar work.

We were lucky to have a visit from the Fire Service this afternoon. They taught us all about fire safety.

Look at our amazing Great Fire of London houses and buildings!! Aren't they fantastic?

Today we had a visit from the Pearl of Africa Children's Choir. We learned dance moves and made bead necklaces and neckbands.

We used our senses to know what it felt like to be part of the Great Fire of London!

As part of our Great Fire of London, the children have been acting out the 'Fire Cat' story to help them retell it.