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As part of science and outdoor learning, we have been collecting, describing and identifying leaves. We then used them to create our very own WILD THING from Where the Wild Things Are!! This will help us with our writing!

We have been learning all about plants this half term. We have planted our very own bean plant and we are going to watch at home how it grows.......

Day 5.  We have been so lucky as Mr Staveley has given us two new chicks to be friends with Rainbow.  We held the chicks and made observational drawings of them.  They have now gone to their new owner who will look after them and keep them safe.  What a wonderful week of learning!!

Day 4. Matilda wrote, "Rainbow is still in the brooder but her legs are stronger. Her plaster is not round her legs anymore! Her egg tooth will soon fall off. On Friday we will be able to hold her."

We are having such CHICK-tastic fun!!! Today we have used clay to make our own Navajo chicks!!

Day 3. Barnaby wrote, "Last night Devon and Wilson's Mum put a plaster round Rainbow's legs and now she can walk! We found out that Rainbow is a girl and she has fluffy down with a black stripe on, not a yellow dot because a yellow dot means it is a male. The other eggs have not pipped yet because they are not ready to hatch. Bow is a cream legbar chick. I wonder why she is called a cream legbar?" Great question Barnaby - we shall find out!

Day 2 

Jaidan wrote, "One of the eggs has hatched in the incubator.  It is wet and soggy.  It can't walk but we have put it in a sock - it is still cute!  The colour is grey.  I think it has an orange beak.  It might be shy and we don't know if it is a boy or a girl so its name is Rainbow."

We have had a visit from Caiden's Dad. He showed us his owls and we even held one on our arms. We are now looking at how owls are different to chicks!

Today the chicks have arrived in our class. Orla wrote, "We have an incubator with 4 eggs inside but one of them has pipped. Chicks have numbers on their egg instead of names. The temperature has to stay the same in the incubator and this is 37.8 degrees. When they hatch I think they will look cute!"

To celebrate Mrs Serjeant's retirement, we all dressed up in costumes from the 70's (when Mrs Serjeant started teaching).

World Book Day 2017!

Each week we are going to go outside and look after our outside area. We have been tidying up after winter, planting seeds, putting bee and bug houses out and looking after our pond. Next week we will plant our plants, burn all the old twigs on a fire and do pond dipping. We love the fresh air!!

It has been an amazing day! We have had a visit from ALL of the emergency services today!! We learned how to ring 999 and use our ICE cards that we have made.

We have learned our address because it is very important! We then posted our letters home and now we are waiting for them to pop through our letter box!

Map skills are very important in Year 1. We have made a junk model village of Burscough and salt dough models of all the things that we have in Burscough. We have been on a field trip around our village, made a map and noticed all the things around us!! There were so many!!

After reading Hansel and Gretel, the children have designed their own sweet houses, made them and gobbled them all up like the children from the story!!

Christmas in Year 1!

Shape fun in Year 1!!!! Can you name any of the shapes you see?

We have used fruit and vegetables to make our very own class pets - fruit animals!! They look fantastic!!!

We have also used fruit and vegetables to make prints with paint. It was so messy and so much fun!

We really enjoyed grating, cutting and spreading (and eating!) to make our healthy lunch!

After visiting Tesco, we tried lots of different fruits and vegetables to see which ones we wanted to include in our 'healthy lunch' design.

We've had so much fun on our trip to Tesco! We tried lots of different foods; found out where the foods came from; visited 'behind the scenes' in the freezer and even got to work on the tills!!

We have been reading autumn poems and then used the outdoor area to find special words and make our very own autumn poem!

Today, Dusty the Duck from Martin Mere came to visit us and tell us a story! We had so much fun!

We have been learning how to use our hands, feet and straws to measure things around school!