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We went back in time on a steam train and had a holiday in the past!

We used the Easi-Scope to investigate and answer our questions we had about plants. Can you guess which part of the plants they are??

Making Spanish Punch!! Yum Yum!!

Owl-Tastic! We have had a visit from Mr Hughes who taught us so much about his different owls. We also had a stroke, got to hold an owl and also watched them fly above our heads!

CHICK WATCH!!! We are so lucky to have hen eggs in our class this morning! Each day we shall look at how they have changed. We are so excited to meet the chicks!! Day 1 Monday 27th April 2015

Day 2 Tuesday 28th April 2015. The chicks have started to chip through the egg with their egg tooth!!

Our First Chick, Chloe, hatched at 1:45pm. It was laid on the 29th of March.

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She is also using her wing to get out of the egg.......

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Chloe is breaking free!!!!!!!

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Chloe is here!! Happy Birthday Chloe!!

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Day 3 - Wednesday 29th April 2015. Mrs Crowder has walked in this morning and Chloe has got a sister!!!

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Day 4 - Thursday 30th April 2015. Chloe is a boy!!!! We have put Chloe and her brother in the brooder. Mrs Crowder has come into school this morning and another chick has hatched. It had a little help to get out of the shell but he is so strong and happy!!! We have called it Lucky!!!!!

We added Lucky to his brothers, Chloe and Fudge at lunchtime!

Day 5 - Friday 1st May 2015. All the 3 chicks are in the brooder and they are fluffy and soft. They are happily eating their food and drinking water. Sadly, they are going back to the farm tonight :( .

Red Nose Day

Year 1 and Reception had a lovely time doing Book Day activities.

Book Day Fun!

Bob the Builders! We used the forest area to make our outdoor shelters.

Commotion in the Ocean Programming! We are using our computing lessons to give the computer instructions.

Commotion in the Ocean - Fishy Adjectives!! We have been feeling sea creatures to collect lots of lovely adjectives to use in our poems.

Playtime Fun!!

Our Hansel and Gretel Films

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