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Pupil Council

Our Pupil Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Aims of Pupil Council

  • To help make our school the best it can be.
  • To discuss ideas and think of possible solutions.
  • To listen to all pupils in school and represent their needs at council meetings.
  • To help with fundraising events.
  • To share ideas with pupils and teachers in school.
  • To help make important decisions.
  • To put forward ideas.
  • To work together as a team.

How did we become Pupil Council members?

We were encouraged to make a speech to our classmates about why we would make good Pupil Council members and we shared some of our ideas. Then, every person nominated a boy and a girl who they thought had the right qualities to be a Pupil Council member. The votes were counted and the children who had the most votes became Council members.

Who are our class representatives?

Year 6 - Brandon and Chloe

Year 5 - Hannah and James

Year 4 - Daniel and Mika

Year 3 - Hannah and Alex

Year 2 - Seb and Lucy


Y1 and Reception children can share their ideas with any of us! 



Our assembly

We helped Miss Dickson to plan an assembly to tell the rest of the school who we are and what we do. We had a technical issue so we had to deliver our assembly without the PowerPoint. We did very well! We announced that at our Christmas fair we raised over £200!! We will soon be asking our classes what they would like to spend the money on.

Christmas fair

Here are a few photographs of some of us in action manning our stall at the Christmas fair! We were very busy all night which explains why there aren't many photographs. We will be revealing to you all soon how much we raised. We think that it is a very large amount!